Estate Planning & Administration

Monaghan Safar provides personalized estate planning services, including the drafting of wills and trusts. ¬†Our approach to estate planning typically includes a comprehensive review of each client’s planning needs as well as the traditional estate planning documents. Our goal is to ensure that your estate plan is something you don’t spend time worrying about as you go about your life.

In addition to helping our clients plan for the future, we also ensure that their assets and intentions will be protected and respected by the court system.

Wills & Trusts

Outline how your assets will be distributed after your death. Without the proper documentation in place, your estate is allocated per state law, commonly to your closest biological relatives with no regard for the circumstances of your relationship or their situation.

Advance Health Care Directive

A framework for your desired medical treatment that goes into a registry to provide guidance in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes.

General Durable Power of Attorney

Authorize an agent to act on your behalf in a wide range of matters that explicitly does not terminate in the event of your disability or incapacity to act for yourself.

Enhanced Life Estate Deed

Convey your real estate property upon your death, keeping it out of probate court, but maintain exclusive rights to the property during your lifetime including the ability to sell or reconvey at any point.

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