Litigation & Conflict Resolution

We provide civil litigation services in forums throughout the State of Vermont, including the Civil Division of the Vermont Superior Courts, the Environmental Division of the Superior Court, the United States District Court for the District of Vermont and administrative agencies, including local regulatory bodies. From inception, we prepare each case as though it will go to trial; developing a relentless understanding of the facts, and filing carefully targeted motions and developing compelling themes at trial.

We approach every case with a healthy dose of pragmatism. We let our clients know when we believe a mediated settlement will be the most cost-effective way to resolve a dispute. We buttress our pragmatism with the understanding that, in some cases, we must resolve to take a case to trial to vindicate our clients’ interests.

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To achieve these goals, we are experienced in:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation & Alternative Dispute Processes
  • Trial Practice

We are also experienced appellate litigators, providing expert briefing and oral argument at the Vermont Supreme Court and other appellate tribunals.

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