Family Law

Family matters, including divorce, child custody and child support, bring many people into the court system. The process can be confusing and intimidating. We use experience, sensibility and compassion to help our clients navigate the legal system. We ensure clients understand their rights and help them fight for a fair and just result.

Divorce & Separation

Whether uncontested or extremely contentious, we’re here to help with all the aspects of your specific situation and work towards an outcome that meets your needs. There can be a lot of pieces to the process, including dividing assets, alimony, court paperwork, and even more when there are minor children to care for.

Child Support & Custody Issues

Parental rights and responsibilities for minor children can be one of the most emotional and complicated areas of family law. We will work with you in the pursuit of your child’s best interest and enduring success for your family. This may involve facilitating parenting agreements and visitation schedules.

Prenuptial Agreements

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of divorce when they are preparing to get married, but it can be useful for protecting significant assets that you are bringing to the relationship and avoiding litigation in the future.

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