Monaghan Safar provides a full range of legal services to municipalities, including cities, towns, villages, and other quasi-governmental entities. We have significant experience in providing skilled and cost-effective counsel for the issues typically faced by these entities, including labor relations and personnel matters, highway issues, planning and zoning matters, election issues, and real property taxation.

We serve as defense counsel for municipalities faced with claims for civil rights violations, employment disputes, and claims for negligence. We also help municipalities navigate the complex legal issues relating to their governmental obligations.

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Local governments confront a variety of issues on a daily basis: business relationships, contracting, environmental and land use issues, employment and collective bargaining issues, real property tax appeals, open meeting law and public records issues, and so on. We’ve seen it all, from the largest communities in the state, to the most rural. Given our depth of experience, we have probably dealt with your specific challenge before, and we’ll be able to quickly respond to any issue that arises.

Zoning Regulations

We work with local planners and planning agencies to draft effective and legally defensible zoning regulations. We also advise zoning administrators, planning directors, and development review boards regarding their responsibilities, and we work to find creative and efficient solutions wherever possible.

Litigation Defense

We are aggressive and experienced litigators with substantial experience in complex lawsuits. We also seek cost-effective alternatives to litigation through dispute resolution, including mediation, negotiation and arbitration. We represent municipalities in accident lawsuits, employment claims, tax appeals, and other scenarios that could put taxpayer resources at risk.

Tax Collection

We advise municipalities and their tax collection officers in the collection of real property taxes. Our process begins with strong communication with the taxpayer, and where necessary, we work with collectors to prepare for and conduct tax sales. We have significant experience working through notice and service of process issues, dealing with foreclosed properties, and advising municipalities through the statutory redemption process.

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