Ryan Meer


Ryan joined the firm as an associate attorney in 2024. He is licensed in the states of Vermont and California. He has experience in commercial transactions including lease negotiations, contract drafting, and conflict resolution, but is broadening his practice to a wide array of legal avenues. Ryan began his career in asset management working with national tenants like Starbucks, Providence Medical, and All State as well as local favorite mom and pop shops in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether a problem is big or small Ryan believes that attentive understanding should precede action. Informed by that, he focuses on getting to the heart of a client’s needs and finding creative solutions to reach resolutions. To that end the adage, “You only get what you negotiate,” should be pursued with a long-term perspective. Ryan finds that the process and humanizing of negotiation matters a great deal. Enduring relationships compound their value time and again over zero-sum victories.

While always willing to dive into the finer points of philosophy and literary analysis, Ryan started off thinking he’d avoid academia altogether by starting a pirate crew that would sail the high seas bargaining pies for plunder. While he does enjoy sailing and bad puns, Ryan realized he’d prefer to keep his passion for baking amateur. He still wonders if a Spanish galleon would look out of place in Lake Champlain.

In his off-time, Ryan enjoys technology, baking, snowboarding, picking up new skills and hobbies, and absorbing everything that Vermont has to offer, whether that’s hiking through the forest with his dog, rock climbing with friends, or reading a good novel next to the window while it rains. That and seeing what else maple syrup tastes even better on.

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